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Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 1:13 am Reply with quote
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If you are trying to get your player to the elusive 99 rating in NBA 2K18, then you'll need to make certain to upgrade attributes after playing games. In the end, you can not get better if someone does not magically pour skill points to your stats, right? Here is what you want to know to upgrade features in NBA 2K18 with Cheap NBA 2K MT Coins.

The major way to do this is by paying your hard-earned VC. This may be earned by completing matches during your career, or simply by purchasing it through microtransactions in the game. You will then want to press in your own d-pad to gain access to all of the different characteristics of your player.

You should now see all your different player attributes in NBA 2K18. Simply select the one you want to update and then spend your VC on making them even better in that specific stat.

You could also update these by doing some exercises over at the practice centre. You can do three drills involving every game in NBA 2K18 and these permit you to slowly but surely rank up your badges and better your score.

These are the main two ways you can permanently update attributes in NBA 2K18. However, if you're trying to find a quick fix to get you through a challenging game, make certain to go over to the Gatorade fueling center. Here, you'll find one-time consumable items whose consequences will be enabled in the next game, but when the game is finished, their consequences will be, too.
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