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Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:24 am Reply with quote
Guignoler Joined: 18 Jun 2015 Posts: 75
Are there any rules Here are some tips and tricks, hopefully, that will help you level up quickly Blade And Soul Gold game.Level 1-10During level 1-10 initial stage of the game, you should take lightly. You can choose to do some of the tasks to level quickly. You can choose to turn the boss zombie attack at level 9 reaches a critical strike would work well Trigrams. To gain levels quickly, try to knock your head zombie attack critical beginning.Level 10-20When reached level 10, you can play the scorpion dungeon. You can earn 50 heads scorpion at a time. With each scorpion, you can get more than 10 points and 50 heads scorpion experience brings more than 500 points of experience. With rich experience of reward points, worth a try. But once you reach level 17, only slightly less experience points will be available. But you can upgrade from level three to level 20, things will easier.Level 20-30When Reach level 20, meetings dirty cave where you can play Dungeon hollow pollution and complete missions. You can focus on the Blade And Soul Item cave corrupt when the level reaches 22. You can get 4000 experience points for playing Dungeon contaminated hollow 22 or higher level. If you only get to play Dungeon every 10 minutes, you can refresh on 2 levels within an hour. You can enjoy this benefit until you reach level 27 and experience points less at the level of 28 or higher, in response to those who may choose to do homework. As long as the level reaches 29, you can earn Kongou gain more experience points.Level 30-36When reached level 30, all you need to do is fill tasks. You can upgrade to level 36 with ease only tasks were completed. You do not need to play Dungeons BNS Item and can be a waste of time. If the work is off, you can go to the simple cave or shelter to follow, it can be very easy.
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