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Note the base in a variety of shops, some will permanently add properties to sell syrup, no species can only drink once, did not drink to buy it. (Note: each to two bottles, ghost also drink!) [Synthetic] too pit RP, but also trouble, tried several times to give up. In fact, it is usually enough equipment. [Forged] is long-winded, for the time being ignored. [Enchanting] this is useful, usually spend up in it, put the new equipment the best enchants once again can eliminate bad enchant, or replace the current enchant enchant an inexpensive critical nonetheless. [Pet] is one of the sources of equipment and rs gold coins, usually hit the candles give it, something all right sent to hunt, very useful. [Box] to the grid very much, but almost nothing for me to use, all the characters share under the same account. [Strategy] is a huge source of revenue for the task, there is a do one. The trick is to see the commanders spoke of the task. If not for their food, he would say: ah this task, though not my area of ​​expertise, but to me, certainly no problem! Larr; this situation must not give him. If it is their area of ​​expertise, he would say it very bluntly: Leave it to me! This task to me! And the like. Four commanders specializes in four kinds of areas: offense, defense, ambush, and mysterious. Briefing by the contents of the task which will be able to judge the field commanders are basically the party will not fail, as the skills and additional equipment of their own choosing to enhance their advantage on the line. Also note that the number of soldiers and equipment, please feel free to keep up, rest assured that the money is not a problem! [Landlord] current landlord my posture is as follows: 58, the second week of projects. Veterans, the highest degree of difficulty. Do not use the anger, the anger MAX when various characteristics, halo point at least, the specter of Runescae Gold pure protection type and give her all kinds of properties and molding equipment, high self-defensive skills even point, Vampiric Aura. The result is invincible under certain circumstances, the defense overflow. So in exchange for sacrificing some defensive skills to attack. Skills [treatment] + [Arcane Storm Shield]. Left monomer, right groups. Then no brain washed cut. Monomer crit 2w5, group crit 1w. Under Veteran difficulty mode, any elite, within five seconds of any strange group can be basically empty. In most cases the highest degree of difficulty can guarantee station line and die.'Van Helsing's Bizarre Adventure 2' teaches you to modify the property and equipment - role-playing rs role-playing rs _ Raiders Raiders Daquan - rs Raiders
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Not bad, that's what I was looking for!
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