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Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:23 pm Reply with quote
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I am interested in the long-term dependability of this car, and anecdotally how many miles people here have logged. I am MOST interested in how many miles people have on their base 6-cylinder E90 engines (which is what I've got), which don't have the complication of a turbo, etc. I am really, really interested to hear from people who have successfully logged well over 100k miles.

I am at 67k currently on a 2006 model, and (knock on wood) it's been highly reliable so far. A power mirror replaced, a minor door-lock quirk after a rain, but beyond that, so far so good. I'd like to be able to keep this car a long time. I do the regular maintenance a bit ahead of the factory schedule and I am willing to replace a part here and there once I am over the 100k certified period...within reason.

Is 200k too much to ask? Anyone here with 200k+?
I doubt anyone here has gotten to 200k, even in a 2006. That's 40,000 miles a year. Maybe there is, but they sure as heck don't have enough time to post here driving that many miles a year.
We have 51k on our 2006 (almost fully-loaded sans sat nav and ACC) and aside from a few electronic quirks, it's been reliable. I feel that BMW hardware is fairly bulletproof (well, maybe not the AT) but it's the glitches and electronics that are costly and complicated to fix and tend to fail by 70-80k.
07 328i, 51 K miles so far, two issues, the BMW emblem on steering wheel was cracking, it was mostly cosmetic issue, Airbag module was replace because of this. Shifter was loose at 37K miles replaced. so far so good.
I put 97,000 miles on my E46 ('99 328i) which had a similar drivetrain. The only major out of warranty repairs were multiple air conditioning leaks ($1,100) and a thermostat failure (stuck open, so no danger to the motor - $450).

It never burned any oil between the 8k mile changes and was running as strongly as ever when I traded it in a few months ago on my E91.

I have 97,500 k on my 06' 325i. Major problems....At about 9X,XXX I needed a new thermostat, water pump, etc. (These usually fail together), usual oil change, brake rotor/pads, and now i need a new battery( after 4 years of owning though). Keep in mind the battery costs a few hundred dollars and will need reprogramming from a specialist -not necessarily a dealer. So far that's all the major issues i've had. I'm REALLLYYY hoping I won't need a new transmission any time soon. Gulp.
81,000 mils on my 08 328i. Only problems were a starter motor replaced @75,000 as a good will repair(I paid labor) and a battery. All in all a lot less has gone wrong on this car than the 03 330i I previously owned.
I have about 52k on the 07 328i I just bought. So far it seems like a decent car. Only problem is the front windshield rubber is completely cracked and missing chunks from it. Dealer told me I would have to replace the window to get that fixed.
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