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consoles like Ouya and the RS 3 Gold gameStick as well as some big talk from Valve about opening up Steam to be an all inclusive API as opposed to a submission process traditional consoles may be in danger of losing content creators if they don't make it easier for developers to be let in. The promise of "bigger, better, faster, more" used to be all it took to move hardware, but the increasing costs and resulting consumer price tags have been squeezing the Runescape game industry as we know it for the past several years. This is an incredibly challenging climate for a new next gen Runescape game console. Sophisticated tablets, smartphones, PCs and TVs are expected to rely increasingly on cloud technology and open systems, acclimating audiences to instantaneous, direct access and frictionless interaction. Plus, there's an entire generation of children growing up playing Runescape games without a traditional controller. Where does a console go? Many industry watchers say that the main stumbling block to the PlayStation 3's launch was its obsession with being a living room all rounder, an alien "entertainment device" at high cost. That stance beguiled many Runescape gamers at the time, who obviously wanted to hear only about Runescape games and who glazed off at talk of Netflix and social media. Now, this versatility is now any next gen machine's basic obligation. A climate of lust for tech and high end devices has generally favored Sony, which excels at making elegant monoliths, sexy mirror sheened lozenges. During a recession Apple got people to line up for days to buy an expensive new phone, and current consumer culture has, for better or for worse, a deep trough of appetite for the latest shiny thing, often in the face of logic.It's not so inconceivable that Sony could healthily sell a fancy new PlayStation, so long as it demonstrates the PS4 can do things the existing arsenal many households already own cannot do. Last night, Sony summoned international tech and Old School RS Gold Runescape games journalists to a glitzy New York presentation
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