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Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:27 pm Reply with quote
Guignoler Joined: 18 Jun 2015 Posts: 75
Although the menu interface is not as messy as its predecessor, it does not look as sleek as that of Fifa 17. Some frequently used functions can do with a quick fifa points button too. For example, in Fifa 17, the save function can be accessed with a button. But in PES 2017, it requires an additional window in order to save a game.The graphics of Fifa 17 are gorgeous, with many of the well-known players' faces and the teams' jerseys faithfully reproduced down to the finest detail, such as hairstyles, facial hair and tattoos.But some players have changed their hairstyles since.Every time you start a match, it feels like you are watching a live match on TV. The stadiums are varied, the atmosphere with the audiences chanting feels authentic and the soundtrack leading to the game adds much excitement.You can hear the Liverpool anthem "You'll never walk alone" being sung when you are playing in Anfield. Even the advertising boards will show the sponsors of the home club.PES 2017, on the other hand, feels rather subdued. You don't hear the Liverpool anthem and there is no Anfield home ground despite Liverpool being one of the licensed teams.Don't get me wrong. PES 2017's players are also well sculpted and resemble the real players. However, they lack the details, such as tattoos - not to mention it is not uncommon to see two players with the same face in the same team.Commentary-wise, both games lack sustained variety. You will find the commentators in both games turning into broken records after just four or five matches.For most football fans, fifa 17 xbox one coins gameplay is what really matters. In this regard, both games are neck and neck.
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