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is not bad, and how fast different Kickstarter campaign reaches its destination. After only six days, may MMO TCG HEX pieces with Cryptozoic Entertainment fate credited to US $ 418 000 with only $ 300,000 that was given as a goal. And continued Cheap FFXIV Gil throughout the day to run, of course, until 7 June campaign officially ended in 2013. Not bad, Mr. Specht. Because the developer must certainly shoulder klopfen.Bei decimal PCS fate is ambitious MMO TCG, which, among other things, the former employees who worked for Blizzard in time with Final Fantasy XIV trading card game was created. Since it is also not surprising that hex only when the PAX East this year, Blizzard announced similarities fireplace Heroes of Warcraft. Even in the online shopping fate fragments is a game similar to Magic or yogi acts card. Player collects the cards on the deck of the order, which must then forming but only really begins and online.Neben this case, before the other players on the table is a primitive wants private hex with a large number of customizations point. So, a player has the ability to create classes of races and Alter Ego, which can geskillt through a variety of different talent trees. This machine, like a big PvE suspension system that allows the player to use the card to delve deeper puzzles in the world and even tells him the story. Trade unions as well as the construction of the auction, there will be. Of course Vordergrund.Wie based tables are now fighting the announcement, while the PC and Mac game will be released and be essentially free of charge. As the stone fireplace will cost real money, even with the HEX booster packs. According to the developers, the cost is about $ 2 per pack. For a successful crowdfunding developers should be able to reach an MMO without major financial difficulties beta. At present, the hex is PCS fortune in preAlpha. In the theater, and we will find your first video game. Click here for this game demos General 'Facebook' cooperation with distributors publish data on how an independent electronic
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